Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thurs #43

1.  Getting the leaves up in the backyard before it rained.

2. Blockette scoring two goals in her soccer game on Sat.

3. A lovely Anniversary hangin' out at home.

4. My mom seems to be doing better from her injury.

5. Raking up all the leaves from our neighbor's tree in the front yard.

6. Staying under budget at the grocery store when I was positive I was going to go over.

7. Easy clean up at Wednesday Night church dinner. 

8. Not being afraid to speak up about the store's coupon policy when the cashier doesn't want to honor it.

9. The banana fairy (who writes notes on bananas) is back!

10. A few days of gorgeous warm weather.

11. Seeing more bald eagles flying overhead at work.

12. My best friend got a job, and had her first day!  (woot woot!)

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