Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thurs #42

1. Mrblocko making the executive decision for none of us to go to Blockette's soccer game in the pouring rain.  Even though they are just 7 and 8 year olds, their games aren't cancelled unless there is lightning.

2. I'm nearly finished with Blockette's Halloween costume!

3. My new winter coat arrived and it is beautimus.

4. I'm starting to get used to the tree being gone.

5. Girly time with Blockette while Mrblocko is out with his friends.

6. I got a free oil change by donating some of Blockette's coats.

7. No other work was needed on my car.  (I was pretty sure they were going to find something horrendous, but not even my filter was dirty!)

8. I only just got sick of grilled burgers this weekend. (We ate them every weekend this summer.  Mrblocko just put the grill away as it is getting too cold and windy for the grill to heat up properly.)

9. Blockette finally got a new, harder spelling list, after almost two months of school.  Maybe now she won't zone out in the middle of the test?  (fingers crossed)

10. The school ordered me a raincoat that wasn't 12 sizes too big.  It came today, just in time for the rainy afternoon!

11. My mom didn't break anything when she decided to test out her acrobatic skills in the Metro.

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