Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thurs #41

1. The tree is down so it can't fall down.

2. My goofy crazy mom.

3. Blockette keeping up a good attitude when she had a day off of school.  (Only one "I'm bored!")

4. I'm getting a new toasty warm winter coat! (Thanks Mom!)

5. I saw my coupon for DSW wasn't valid for another 3 days BEFORE I left the house.  (Winter boots will have to wait until then!)
Watch out kitty!  That moose is gonna eat you!

6.Slowly making progress on Blockette's Halloween costume.

7. Not busting out in hysterical laughter when one of the little 4 year old girls in Sunday school said her missing cat was eaten by a moose.

8. I only almost got hit by a car today. 

9. I restrained myself from hitting above mentioned vehicle with my stop sign.

10. No one was injured when one bus hit another bus in the bus line up yesterday.

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