Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project #8: t-shirt yarn

Two years ago I found this t-shirt yarn tutorial over at the Polka Dot Pineapple. I thought it was a great idea and has been on my to do list ever since. It was such a great idea that I promptly forgot about it.

Good thing I found, a bookmarking site. Whenever I see a cool idea online I save it to that site and check back when I'm looking for crafty inspiration. I've found it is a much better tool than bookmarking the ideas to my computer. With Wists, you can create a screen shot or use a photo from the site you are saving. That way when you open up your page on Wists, you have all these little photo icons for a quick reference. It's perfect for visual learners with a bad memory.

Anywho...enough gushing about wists. I came across a bag of old shirts when I was cleaning out my craft room. They were either holey or had those nasty yellow stains in the arm pits. I know I wouldn't want to get something like that so I didn't put them in the donation bag. They were perfect for this project though.

I used a rotary cutter and cut up nine shirts while Blockette was at school the other day. I'm hoping I have enough yarn to crochet a replacement rug for the kitchen. (The one in there now is falling apart.) I think I'll need a larger hook than what I have since this is a bulky yarn. Wish me luck and even stitches!

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  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the tutorial!


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