Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday 37.11

1. The internet problem fixed itself.
2. Free download of Portal on Steam.
3. The spider landed in Mrblocko's lap, not mine.
4. Nothing noticeably wrong with Basil's insides.
5. Blockette's soccer game was neither blazing hot or freezing cold.
6. I'm caught up on all the episodes of The Guild (a web based show about computer gamers) so I can quit wasting my morning watching old episodes.
7. I slept all night in my own bed.
8. Sleeping all night in my own bed meant I didn't have to sleep downstairs with Jiminy Cricket.
9. Basil had the rompies...he is feeling better!
10. Remembering Blockette's school library book before the bus came.

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