Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday 38.11

1. Peppermint tea isn't toxic to cats.

2. Blockette took her punishment like a big girl.

3. Having some nice grown up conversations with people from church.

4. Mrblocko squooshed Jiminy Cricket for me.

5. Not using the sour cream for a cheesy bread recipe when I already had it slated for use in Tuesday's dinner.

6. Mrblocko remembered to leave me the big golf umbrella so I didn't get soaked waiting with Blockette for the bus.

7. Blockette said that her sticker board reward (a necklace) was better than a DS (what she thought she was getting).

8. My cats gratitude when I turned the heat on.  (Of course I did it for least that's what they think.)

9. I was already awake when Blockette slammed her bedroom door after going to the bathroom in the wee (no pun intended) hours of the morning.

10. Mrblocko leaving just a bit later than usual so Blockette could spend some time reading to both of us.


  1. I love your Thankful Thursdays!

    Thanks for stopping by on Sunday to comment on my post. Yes, that was a blue egg! I forget what kind of chicken . . .

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks!

    You have a great weekend too. :)


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