Sunday, October 30, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #29: Snowy's Halloween Costume

A few weeks ago Blockette won this little white poodle for completing her reading assignments on time. And that was how Snowy came to join our wee little band of crazies.

Last week Blockette asked me if I could make Snowy a skirt.  I told her "sure" and left it vague as to when said clothing was going to be completed. Today she asked me again(in her sweetest, most polite, non whiny voice), and of course, as I feel like I got hit by a mac truck, I told her, "Not today." 

Blockette was crestfallen but was trying hard not to show it.  Then she said, "Oh mom, but I really wanted her to have a Halloween costume." 

Sigh.  She's been super good and helpful lately.  I knew it wouldn't be too hard if I just sat down and focused. 
I present to you, Ballerina Snowy with her white tutu, jewel collar and snowflake earrings (and one very happy little girl.) 

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