Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday 42.11

1. Mrblocko took Blockette to her roller skating party.

2. Mrblocko stayed with Blockette when she realized she was terrified of roller skating, even though he probably would have been much happier on the couch watching football. (P.S. Blockette is a roller skating fanatic now.)

3.  Star Wars family movie time.

4.  Seeing Blockette's friend's family at church this Sunday.

5. I found the bugs in the bag of rice before I used the rice.

6. Not crying when I realized I didn't have any other rice besides the buggy stuff that went into the trash.

7. The bread I made on a whim turned out AWESOME.

8. Family reading time.

9. Being a mean mom.

10. Seeing Mrblocko go crazy trying to find the super secret stash of Halloween candy.

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