Friday, October 28, 2011

Blow Your Mind Sloppy Joes

Soccer practice night is a bit hectic. We have to leave the house by 5:45, which doesn't leave much room for screwing around at dinner time, eating or preparation wise.  One night I was particularly pressed for time so I whipped out a good old fashioned can of Manwich...and steeled myself for a fight.

Oh, Blockette likes Manwich well enough, it's just the bun she doesn't particularly care for.  My daughter, who loves carbs in all other forms, doesn't like hot dog or hamburger buns.  But this time I had an ace up my sleeve.  You see, back in September I saw this post for lunch lady sloppy joes over at Simply Scratch.  The idea is brilliant.

I told Blockette I was going to BLOW HER MIND.  First, I got out a hot dog bun for the sloppy joes, instead of the boring ordinary hamburger buns.  I could have just stopped here.  A hot dog bun, for sloppy joes?  Blockette was floored and amazed at this minor change.

Then I said, "Oh just wait.  I'm really gonna blow your mind."  And I whipped out the cheese sticks...and I stuck that cheese stick. In. The. Bun.


Her mind was sufficiently blown. And I continue to hold the trophy for the world's best mother.  (::insert visual image of me headbanging and playing the air guitar.::)


  1. Mommy's are great at thinking fast and on the go. Looks yummy!!

  2. Awesome!! Sooo simple yet so delicious!! Thanks for the link!


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