Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bubble Up Pizza

We really love pizza in this house, but we hardly ever have it. Why? Cause I am mean. And lazy. And cheap.  Usually, I just buy the Tombstone brand when it goes on sale.  They have this garlic bread version that costs the same as the regular crust. The crust is thicker on the garlic bread version so we eat less of it.  A regular frozen pizza feeds us for one meal, but the garlic bread from Tombstone feeds the three of us with enough leftovers to feed one grown up and a kid the next day.

But sadly, there haven't been good pizza sales lately. So no pizza for us.  I've also been too lazy to make dough from scratch.  I don't know's not like it's any harder than making any other type of bread.  Laaaay-zeeee.  That's me.

Then I saw this recipe for bubble up pizza over at the awesome blog, Plain Chicken.  And guess what?  Biscuits were so cheap at the store they were practically giving them away.  Well, we've overcome all the obstacles that were preventing us from having pizza. Cheap? Check.  Easier than scratch? Check.  Mom meanness eradicated? Well, not so much, but we'll just pretend that since I made pizza I'm not so much of a mean mommy.

I had Blockette help me make this meal, with a lot more complaining than I expected at first.  The original task I set before her was to  quarter the biscuits with a butter knife. For some reason she didn't want to actually touch the biscuits.  I mean they were slimy and doughy.  Amidst her whining I started rolling the quartered biscuits into balls.  Then Blockette wanted to do that.  She wanted to do that very badly.

This was confusing to me. Wouldn't rolling the biscuits into balls involve her touching the dough a whole lot more than when she was quartering them?  Apparently I fail at understanding the logic of a six year old because she LOVED rolling the dough into balls.  OK.  Whatever works right?

I used lots and lots of cheese on this pizza, probably 3 cups.   I just hate it when there is more sauce than cheese, don't you?  Viva la queso! I also used whole package (the small one that is around 3-4 oz) of pepperoni.  It was Blockette's job to put the pepperoni on the pizza.  We decided that it would be best to put half under the cheese and half over the cheese.  That way some of the pepperoni would be soft and some would be crispy.

There was just shy of 2 cups of spaghetti sauce that I had found earlier in the week in the back of the freezer, so I used that for the sauce.  It had onions, garlic, red peppers, carrots, mushrooms, sausage and zucchini in it.  I also sprinkled on some extra Italian seasoning at Blockette's request.  Since the pizza was absolutely loaded down with cheese and pepperoni, Blockette didn't catch that she was eating hidden veggies, namely mushrooms.  I love when a sneaky plan comes together.

This pizza probably cost slightly more than the frozen variety, but we got to customize our toppings.  If the Tombstone pizza had as much cheese and meat on it as the Bubble Up Pizza did,  they would have charged double at the grocery store.  This pizza served the 3 of us for 2 meals, so it stretched just a tiny bit more than it's frozen counterpart. 

Finally, there is no comparison when it comes to aroma.  Any pizza, frozen or fresh, smells awesome while it is baking. The fresh pizza, just smells so much better.  Our whole house was filled with the scent of pizza and you can't really put a price on that.  I'll definitely be making this recipe again.

Bubble Up Pizza from Plain Chicken
2 cans (12oz) golden layer buttermilk biscuits
1 jar (15oz) pizza sauce
2 cups mozzarella cheese
your favorite pizza toppings - cooked sausage, turkey pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms

Preheat oven to 375F. Cut biscuits into quarters and place in medium bowl. Toss biscuits with pizza sauce. Add pizza topping and half of the cheese. Toss until well blended. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Pour biscuit mixture into pan and top with remaining cheese. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes, or until biscuits are done.

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