Monday, October 31, 2011

'11 Happy Dance # 30: DIY Harry Potter Wands

Happy Halloween from Hogwarts!

In celebration of this festive fun occasion...let's make some Harry Potter wands!  I found this cool idea over at Cut out and Keep.

First thing you need is some sort of base for your wand.  I used those disposable round pointy wooden chopsticks.   They are on the short side, but that is ok since these wands were for Blockette.

Next, hot glue on some beads and what not.  I used the glue gun to add various bumps and nodules.
As I used shiny painted and plastic beads, I needed to give my wands several coats of primer.  Spray paint would have worked well, but I just had regular acrylic craft paint, so I used that.  I painted the one on the left with a red base coat and the one on the right with black.

Next, I used a dry brush technique to apply several different shades of brown.  I thought the one on the left looked a little boring, so I added some white dots.  Finally, I sprayed them with a coat of matte sealer so the paint wouldn't wear off after a few play sessions.

Viola! There you have it, DIY Harry Potter wands.  Sure beats spending $18-40 at Universal Studios, Warner Brothers or Alavans, particularly when I already had the paint, beads and glue in my crafting stash, I "liberated" the chop sticks from a Chinese fast food place, and borrowed the Matte sealer from my best friend's husband.

Oh, and Blockette LOVES them.  The redish one with the polka dots is her favorite.  She is swishing and flicking all about the house saying things like Alohomora or Riddikulus every chance she gets.

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