Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Turducken of Cookies

Oh no I just cannot leave well enough alone. A while ago I wrote about Brownie Covered Oreos, a recipe I saw on Picky Palate. Well, Jenny at Picky Palate also wrote about brownie stuffed cookies. I thought about that for 2 seconds and said, why not stuff a Brownie covered Oreo into a chocolate chip cookie. I give you the turducken of cookies!
These cookies were yummy, but the Brownie got sort of lost in the baking process. I didn't think they tasted too much different from the plain Oreo stuffed Chocolate chip cookies. I think next time I will just make the Ultimate chocolate chip cookie n' Oreo Fudge brownie Bar from Kevin and Amanda. The recipe seems easier with only one bake time. Also, the layers of cookie and brownie look pronounced, which I assume would result in more of an equal brownie and cookie flavor combination.

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  1. Girl, you need a 12 step program ;)

    just kidding, stuff away! especially if you make mint Oreo stuffed brownies!


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