Monday, June 6, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #7: Cat Carrier

No, it's NOT a mailbox. It sorta looks like one though.It's a cat carrier for Blockette's little stuffed cat named Harley. (And any other cat toy that she can jam in there.) Although, it's a bit of a tight squeeze for him/her, (Harley changes gender according to Blockette's whim,) so I'm not entirely sure how many more creatures could fit inside there. I found the idea for the toy kitty carrier at Pink and Green Mama. Although, the one she made looks a bit more structurally stable. Pink and Green Mama's little girl has much smaller kitty plushies, so the carrier she made was quite a bit smaller than the one I made for Blockette.

Originally, I had wanted to make the carrier bigger, but the plastic mesh needlepoint canvas just wouldn't retain it's shape the way I wanted it to. Even at the size it is now, sometimes the thing gets mangled into a weird shape if you don't set it down right and occasionally the door sits peculiarly. I'm OK with the carrier's wonkiness, because Blockette seems to really enjoy it flaws and all.


  1. We went to the vet today and one of the vet techs thought Blockette was carring her cat around in a mailbox. sigh.

  2. This is ADORABLE!! You did a great job, now "C" wants me to remake ours in Pink and Purple.

    pink and green mama,

    Our stuffed kitties are from a variety of stores, we have several beanie baby kitties we've picked up at neighborhood garage sales and on ebay.


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