Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rare Cat Pics

If you hate cats well that is too bad cause I'm posting some pics of my kitties. For some reason it is extremely hard to snap a good photo of them. They are always moving or the flash makes them look like undead creepy creatures.

Magically, I caught Basil sleeping. Usually he wakes up as the flash goes off and the photo op is ruined. Now that he is older, he is becoming a much more sound sleeper, especially when it gets really hot like it has been.
I just love his little pink toes peekin out. I just want to rip them off and eat them. Om NOM mom!

Boo would be jealous if I gave all the attention to Basil so here is a shot of him. Whenever I'm in the kitchen he thinks I'm in there to give him more food, even if I just filled up his food dish 2 minutes ago. "That food is old. It has been exposed to the elements for 2 whole minutes. You expect me to eat that contaminated food? "

I like this picture of Boo because it is one of the few photos that show off how ripply his fur is. That and he doesn't have glowing green eyes. That's so spooky. Then again, he is my Halloween kitty.

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  1. Even in his picture, I can hear Boo hissing at me ;)

    cutie pics!


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