Friday, June 10, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #8 Earring Mend

I spent a whopping 50 cents on these earrings. I had one of those fancy schmancy "buy $10 worth of stuff, get $10 off of that stuff you bought" coupons from Kohls. These guys below, combined with another pair of gold hoopie earrings came to a grand total of $11. Slap on that coupon and bam. Two earrings for a buck. Yeah. I'll take that deal.

The thing about these earrings, if you look very closely you will see the earring on the left has a bead missing from the second loop from the left, and the one on the right is missing the bead in the middle. My bestest friend has quite an extensive bead stash. Seriously she could open up a bead store with all the beads she has on hand. And I'm pretty sure she has a super secret squirrel stash out there that she is hiding from me too! So yeah. Lots of beads.

I was fairly certain that she had some brown and amber beads roughly the same size as the ones on the earrings. I knew I had seen them the last time I visited with her beads.My memory served me correctly. A few bends of wire here and there and Viola! Fixed earrings. Yay!

Now some of you particularly nitpicky people might say, oh that bead in the middle doesn't exactly match the other bead in the middle. For some reason the flash on my camera lights up the new bead differently than the old one. Trust me, in regular non-flash induced light, they are nearly identical. Besides when I'm gonna wear them they are going to be on either side of my head, not side by side like they are now. And if anyone is looking at me THAT closely to care about that, well let's say they have some serious problems.


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