Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday 21.11

1. Blockette having fun playing in the muddy mud.
2. Getting the mud out of her pants in the wash.
3. Winging it in the kitchen. (Look ma' no recipes!)
4. Figuring out exactly what the teacher told Blockette. (Amazing how things get distorted through kids.)
5. Walking Blockette to school.
6. Finding some time to craft.
7. Mrblocko cleaned the maple seeds out of the gutters.
8. Fresh herbs from the garden.
9. The cilantro I thought I killed when I brought it home from the store is thriving in the spot I planted it.
10. My swanky new keyboard that actually has letters on it.
11. That loud woodpecker, cause he is eating bugs when he makes all that noise.

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