Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday 23.11

1. A good day after a really rotten day with Blockette.
2. Getting the gumption to walk to the library with Blockette.
3. Realizing that I can't do that again anytime soon. (It's not the distance, it's caring all the books.)
4. Applying the things Blockette is learning in her workbooks and seeing the light click on in her head.
5. Getting my computer back after several months in the shop.
6. The earwigs are out much later this year.
7. Being able to fix my computer when it got several Trojans the same day I got it back from the shop.
8. Finally wiggling out that loose tooth in Blockette's mouth.
9. Cool weather.
10. Not completely forgetting to pass on the phone message to Mrblocko.

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