Saturday, June 11, 2011

'11 Happy Dance #9 and 10: Necklaces

Blockette has been lamenting her extreme lack of accessories. I thought I'd make her a few fun little necklaces so she could find something else to complain about.

This crazy monkey necklace reminds me of the circus. It's something about the bright primary colors and the bumpy lampwork beads I guess. The monkey dangle charms are actually jingle bells. I know she is going to want to wear this to school in the fall, but the bells ARE rather loud. We'll see how much I end up liking her first grade teacher. Yeah. I'm only sorta kidding about that. Sorta.

We got the next necklace charm when we went on vacation this spring. I promised I'd make her a neato necklace out of it. Blockette has been rather patient for me to get around to making it. Quite out of character for the little munchkin.
The charm just makes me giggle. Here's a close up. To me it almost looks like Tinkerbell is looking cross-eyed. At the very least she certainly has a goofy expression on her face. Blockette claims not to see it. I think she is in denial though. How could perfect Tinkerbell make a weird face?

Out of the two necklaces, the Tinkerbell one is clearly her favorite. She walks around the house saying that her Tinkerbell Key can open any lock in the house. When she wears the necklace, anytime she comes to a door, locked, unlocked, doesn't matter if it is only the pantry door and it doesn't even have a door that can be locked, she will pretend to open the lock with her magic key necklace.

Blockette has also been obsessed as of late with gems. She thought maybe the small green "gem" on the star part of the key was real. I reluctantly told her it wasn't. She was sad for half a second before she said, "Well, at least it looks real." Whew. Dodged a bullet with that one!

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