Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday 22.11

1. Collecting shells at the river with Blockette.
2. Blockette singing a song she made up about how God made the mantle and inner and outer core.
3. Blockette entertaining herself for hours by writing a story on the computer.
4. My new Keyboard. (Ok so I said this one last week, but I'm extra thankful because of number 3 above.)
5. Blockette playing with the neighbor boy in the tent we borrowed.
6. Mrblocko put up the tent without my help.
7. The hummingbird briefly in the garden.
8. Blockette singing her heart out in church.
9. Emails from my mom.
10. Blockette reading the word Hobgoblin as Hobble-goblin.
11. Hand-me-downs.
12. An unexpected day to myself.
13. Blockette was insanely well behaved at the church meeting I had to drag her to.
14. Blockette stopped herself, unprompted before she did something that would have gotten her into big trouble.

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