Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Vacation Part 3: Day 2

Because I had gotten several really rotten nights of sleep, Mrblocko agreed that he would take Blockette to Animal Kingdom and let me get a few more hours of sleep. That way I could be functional for the rest of the vacation. I slept until 10:30 which is like some sort of world record for me.

Mrblocko and Blockette got up early enough to get to the park right as it was opening. We had been told that the Safari ride is always packed and even runs out of fast passes by noon! With how busy Animal Kingdom was on Monday, we weren't going to take any chances. By some miracle, Animal Kingdom was not crowded at all! They were able to go on all the rides they wanted to without having to wait in line. What luck.

Look at some of the cool animals they saw on the Safari ride! My favorite picture is of the animals on the top right with the long necks. They don't even look real! They also went on this rapids ride. Blockette said she hated it because she got soaked. It was really hot that day so I bet it felt good. After she went on this ride, she no longer wanted to go on any wet rides. I thought it was particularly odd for a kid who kept begging us to go to the pool. I guess in a pool you are the one in control of how wet you are gonna get. Mrblocko said Blockette made these faces and poses without any prompting. What a ham. I guess the gorilla character in the top right picture is Terk from Tarzan. I had to look that up because I don't remember anything about the animated Tarzan movie. They also saw a really cool bird show. Clockwise from the top left: Snowy owl, baby condor, bald eagle, macaws and can you tell how much Blockette enjoyed the show? I think Blockette liked the bird show almost as much, if not more than the Safari! While my two Mouseketeers were at Animal Kingdom, I decided I should get up and have some lunch. I knew that we wouldn't have time to do it together, so I went to check out Downtown Disney. It was pretty much a really big outdoor mall. It was nice to get out and have some time to myself and do some souvenir shopping.

1. Lego loch ness: I thought this was a pretty cool statue and then I realized it was made of Legos. I'm not sure why. There were no other Lego sculptures Downtown and the Lego store they had was a sort of temporary tent like thing. Weird but cool. air balloon ride: I thought about going on this for about two seconds and then decided against it. A balloon ride is no fun by yourself.

3. birdie: I ate lunch outside at a "Fast food" version of Wolfgang Pucks. They had the most enormous BBQ chicken flat bread sandwich and I kept thinking this is supposed to be Fast Food? The lunch was one of the best meals I ate all weekend. Maybe because sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them, and I'm the maker of sandwiches in our house. I think Mrblocko was jealous cause they had fast food-ish food for lunch. Yay me!

4: cool Mickey and Minnie Caramel apples: I totally wanted to get one of these bad boys, but they were HUGE. I debated buying it and bringing it back to the hotel, but it was so hot I was afraid the chocolate would melt everywhere and make a huge mess. So I took a pic instead.

Once I was all shopped out we met back up at the hotel. We had no idea what we were going to do with the rest of the evening. Disney Hollywood Studios had not been on the itinerary originally, but we thought we should at least check it out and maybe catch their firework/water show.

We walked around for a while and I started to get hungry but all we could find were nasty fast food type places. I had the worst food that I had all trip. I ordered some ribs which you would think would be yummy but they were super gross, greasy and fatty. Bleck. Mrblocko was happy because he got that giant turkey leg. He had been drooling over the idea of eating one since he found out Disney served turkey legs. At least one of us was happy! Oh and what did Blockette eat? About 2 bites of my ribs and then she got super cranky and we decided to call it a night. 1: Fantasia Mickey's hat, a landmark of Hollywood studios, much like the Castle is to Magic Kingdom, and Spaceship earth is to Epcot

2:Mickey standing on a globe at the entrance

3: Tower of terror ride. WAaaaay to scary for me, although I'm sure Mrblocko would have gone on it in a heartbeat if he'd had some company.

4: Classic Fantasia topiary. Instead of water they are pouring out flowers from their buckets.

What about that show? You had to stand in line for nearlyTWO hours to get a seat. Lil miss crabbykins wasn't having any of that. I'm not upset because we hadn't even intended to go to this part of the park, so anything we saw was just a little bonus.

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