Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday 9.11

This week I'm thankful that:

1. When I dropped that brand new glass bottle of Ginger Syrup from Cost Plus World Market, at least it was on the garage floor and not the kitchen floor.
2. I didn't buy that cool red glass Buddha head or I would have broken that as well.
3. I didn't buy those cool dangly silver earrings either. It would have been difficult to clean the glass and syrup off of them.
4. Blockette is a good kid most of the time, and I shouldn't let one bad trip to the mall let me forget that.
5. Mrblocko and I are very sneaky.
6. I didn't have a cavity, just really dirty teeth that were aggravating my gums.
7. I only had to spend half of what they quoted me at the Dentist because my teeth weren't as caked with tartar as they first thought.
8. Blockette read to me the whole time at the Dentist. (It gave her something to do and something for me to focus on instead of the pain they were inflicting on my ouchy mouth.)
9. My husband puts up with my craziness.

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  1. Amen to all entries today! (I'm procrastinating, shhhh don't tell anyone)


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