Monday, March 7, 2011

Fictional Characters

This morning at breakfast we were discussing some of the Magic Treehouse books. Somehow this morphed into a discussion about how some of the characters in the books, like George Washington or Shakespeare were real people who lived a long time ago. We talked about how they were important people who did important things and they were often referred to as historical figures.

Then, we talked about how the main characters, Jack and Annie, were fictional characters. These were people who were not actually real people, but were made up by the author. Then Blockette wanted us to "quiz" her on who was real, and who was a fictional character.

Here is a list of some of the people she decided were Fictional Characters:
Dora the Explorer and all her friends
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Mickey Mouse
Harry Potter and his friends
The Rice Krispy Elves

Now here is the list of some of the people that were on her list of non-fictional characters:
George Washington
Abe Lincoln
Tinkerbell and all other fairies
The Easter Bunny
Santa and his Elves
Killer Rats

Yup, I think I can roll with that.


  1. The tooth fairy must be really put out, she isn't on either list! ;)

  2. well, I suppose she could be included in all other fairies, but shouldn't she have her own billing? ;)

  3. Well Blockette hasn't had any loose teeth yet so the tooth fairy doesn't hold nearly as much rank as Tink and her compadres. Although as far as Blockette is concernded, the tooth fairy might as well be from pixie hollow as well. Isn't that where all fairies are from?

  4. Well, not always.....

    Chad is sometimes a fictional character. Cuz he disappears. Yeah, I called you out Chad, whatcha gonna do about it? ;)


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