Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Disney Vacation Part 1

Ok boring stuff first: The Hotel. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort. Man, I've never been to Mexico, but this was what I imagine a nice resort in Mexico would be like, well sans Montezuma's revenge. There were so many cool plants Mrblocko had to tell me to save some memory on the camera for actual pictures in Disney World! 1. Blockette took this picture right after we checked in. They gave us balloons because we told them it was a 10 year anniversary. Well...it is, just not til October. They also gave us buttons that said "Happy Anniversary" which we wore around the park. Any employee, or "Cast Member" as they call them, that saw the button would wish us a Happy Anniversary. Of course, at first, I forgot I had the button on and couldn't figure out why people were wishing me a Happy Anniversary. Duh.

2. This is a picture of the main part of the resort. It is a picture of the building that contains the Registration desk, gift shop and food court. There is also a convention center but it was too big to fit into the frame.

3. Hammocks and white sand. If these had been shaded I would have been tempted to lounge around in them. They were in full sun all day and no one had any desire to get burnt, esp not me.

4. Blockette in the 3 Amigos topiary. The Flower show was going on so throughout the hotels and parks they had all these amazing character topiaries and flower displays. The biggest display was at Epcot, but I'll post more pictures of that later. When we first got our room, I was a bit upset that we were so far away from the main building. At least I was upset until I learned that we were right across the street from the bus stop that took us into the parks. The short trip from the bus stop to the room was wonderful after a loong day of walking.

Speaking of the bus stop, on the last day we learned that a gater lived in the pond across from the bus stop. Luckily he never came knocking on our door with a candygram. Also there were all these little wee lizards sunning themselves all over our hotel grounds. They were pretty shy and did not want their picture taken. I was able to capture one before it scurried off under a cactus. Luckily the wee little lizards were to scared to come in our room, cause while they were cute outside, they would not have been cute inside.

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