Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday 10.11

This week's list of thankfulness:
1. Finally finishing a craft project!
2. The new family of house sparrows that moved into last year's Robin nest outside Blockette's window.
3. Helping out in Blockette's class.
4. Blockette still thinks homemade clothes are awesome.
5. Blockette has suddenly started playing with Barbies again after a year and a half hiatus.
6. Learning how to get rid of viruses on my computer myself.
7. Having a girls crafty afternoon with my friends.
8. Mrblocko and I are still successful in our sneakiness.
9. Silly moments with Mrblocko while helping out at church.
10. Blockette was not too scared to get ashes on her forehead this year.

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