Saturday, March 26, 2011

St. Patrick's Day...Part 2

Right after our dinner we played a really fun treasure hunt game. I hid each of the following cards around the house. Each card had a "clue" and the directions to find the next clue. We told Blockette that she had to put each card on the kitchen table before she went to find the next clue so she wouldn't just run around the house without paying attention to what each card actually said.

The clues were:
1. On Monday
2. We're Getting
3. Up early
4. getting in the car
5. and driving
6. to the airport
7. where we
8. will get on
9. a plane
10. headed to
11. Disney World!!!!
Which was followed by copious amounts of jumping and screaming and tears of joy.

Mrblocko and I had been keeping this secret from Blockette for about 6 months. We knew it would be torture for Blockette if we told her any sooner than we did. (Four days of waiting to leave was torturous enough!) There were many a time when we nearly spilled the beans. Thursday afternoon, once Blockette came home from school, was the hardest. I warned Mrblocko that I might not be able to keep the secret the whole day. Somehow I managed.

We had so much fun! I'll write more about the trip later when I get a chance to wade through the oodles of photos.

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  1. The more I look at the first pic, the more she looks like an excited anime girl to me, I didnt know she could open her eyes or mouth so wide ;)


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