Friday, March 11, 2011

I am Not Creative

Sometimes when I give handmade gifts to people I get the wonderful response of, "Oh, you are so creative." This always gives me a warm fuzzy, but back in the corners of my mind I think, "No I'm not."

My husband will say that this is because I am excellent at beating up on myself. While this is true, in this case, that is not the reason for that thought. To me, a creative person is someone who comes up with something new and unique. All my handmade things are ideas I've mooched from magazines, books and the interweb.

Mooching ideas is more being crafty, not creative. In my opinion, being creative is coming up with something like this. Who knew Phillips head screws could create something so awe inspiring? I can't even sculpt with play dough. 3D screw portraits? Awesomeness.


  1. Oh Girlie, although the screw portraits were cool, there was nothing new about them either. Not to sound cynical, but there are no new ideas, just borrowed and altered ones. Just ask james Cameron, Avatar was a great retelling of Dances With Wolves ;) Whatever you want to call it, you do it great! And I said it, check it out!

  2. Here's a wager, next time someone pays you a compliment just say "thank you." Think you can do it? LOL!!!

  3. Oh and p.s., you ARE creative, I have a certain little girl's room that proves it!


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